2022 Ride Report

Since the solstice fell between two weekends this year, we polled the members of the 200-on-100 Facebook group as to whether they preferred the 18th or the 25th. As luck would have it, the winner was hands-down the better choice as it rained all day the 18th and the temperature never reached 50 degrees. The 25th was a great day for riding, if a bit warm, and more clouds would have been nice to shade the sun. The breeze was light, though we were reminded that a WNW direction does not mean a tailwind when you are heading south on VT Route 100. We did get tailwinds on US 4 and after the Mt. Snow climb, and when the breeze was a headwind, it was light and refreshing. Temperatures started in the mid-50s in the amazingly perfect morning, and topped out in the low 80s. The warmth and bright sun made Terrible Mountain a brutal climb for many riders. We were glad we were not riding Sunday, as the temps got into the 90s with a stiff breeze from the south.

Support people seemed appreciative of the freebies at the start. We were pleased again to offer a free box of Birnn Chocolate of Vermont truffles to each driver, along with a custom cow bell to encourage riders, and a scorecard with which to play Verbingo, our scavenger hunt game. The truffles were actually a prize for playing the game but, due to logistics, we gave the prizes out before starting the game!

Road conditions were good for the most part. Repaving is on the schedule for the sections between Waterbury and Middlesex, and between Rochester and Stockbridge, and is overdue in both sections. Much of the asphalt from West Bridgewater to Tyson had been milled the week before we rode through, and the surface made riders wish they were on gravel bikes. Since these three sections are the only remaining areas of extensive broken pavement, once they are done this summer the entire route should be pretty good for next year's ride–or at least until Vermont winters take their frost-heaving toll.

Ed, Dennis and Ralph reprised their amazing feat from last year of riding the route south-to-north on Friday before turning around and riding back on Saturday. Those of us who only rode in one direction marveled at their accomplishment and speed. Saturday morning was amazing, and one of the most beautiful we have experienced. While heat and dehydration sidelined a couple riders with cramps, the conditions were quite favorable, and most riders finished. A couple riders missed turns, so we will look into what we can do to help people avoid extra miles and climbs in the future. The turn at Route 9 in Wilmington seems to be the one most often missed.

A teenager who had never ridden a century before started an hour before the group and rode unsupported before experiencing a mechanical failure that sidelined his effort. He made it all the way to Queechee, over 140 miles!

There is now a cell tower in Readsboro! It is in the middle of town and doesn't reach down to the finish, but it proved very helpful to be able to backtrack a couple miles so people could contact missing riders and supporters–there were a few!

2022 Registered Riders List


Hannah B.

Wowza! What a fantastic day. This was my first time riding a double century. I have long been fascinated by the lore of the 200 mile day, and felt really privileged to have the opportunity to ride one on such a beautiful and picture perfect June day. Previously my longest day had been 135 miles (however that was fully loaded and on a hardtail bikepacking bike). 

I learned a lot about my body during this ride- the magic of sugar, carbs, electrolytes, salts, and water to help you power through, and was reminded of how capable we are, so long as we set our mind to a goal. I had learned about this ride a mere 2 weeks before it happened, so I hadn't specifically trained for the ride, but I had been riding my bike as much as possible before the event. I have to say that overall the ride ended up being much less challenging than I had anticipated, given that I am used to riding primarily gravel and much hillier stuff than the route took us on. My biggest difficulty of the day was a shooting pain in my left leg that showed up at mile 75 and stuck with me to the finish. It slowed me down significantly for most of the day, which was frustrating, however I was super grateful that my body let me keep going, although much slower than I had hoped.
All in all an awesome day.

Ride Time: 16 hours 36 minutes
Distance: 210.30 miles
Elevation Gain: 12,229 ft

Rob D.

It was a spectacular day, I couldn't ask for better conditions.  My friend Doug did about half the ride with me, amazing considering his struggle with afib. For me I found the ride best suited to a tame pace, and even so, that hill out of Ludlow sure lived up to its name!  (Terrible Mountain)  I was lucky enough to attach to a couple of trains in the middle of the ride that pulled me for many miles,  so helpful to have an escort,  special thanks to Kevin and Chris who served as my escorts for many miles :-).  Finally a warning to future riders...  be sure to take Steve's recommendations on the cue sheet especially Cross Road at the end, if you don't there is a KILLER hill out of Jacksonville,  that is not so nice at the end of the day..  Thanks to S&J for keeping this thing alive!

Ralph A.

The sun was tough both afternoons but the occasional cloud cover later on Saturday afternoon was very welcomed. Was honestly in better shape after the southbound trip as we took it a lot easier and enjoyed a little more cloud cover later in the day. 

Between the two days:

Distance: ~415mi
Top Speed: 57.3mph
Time Pedaling:  ~22h 45m (11 Out, 11.75 Back)
Time Elapsted: ~26h 30m (12.75 Out, 13.75 Back)  

Northbound Trip - https://www.strava.com/activities/7363047689
Souhtbound Trip - https://www.strava.com/activities/7368430100

We neglected to ride the very bits at the top and bottom of the route, so I suppose we'll have to go back and do it again...

Ed A.

Thanks for the note and for once again pulling things together. We got to Jay Peak Village Inn later than expected this year and had to pick supplies up for the next day across the street before they closed, so sorry for not being able to relax and chill with you by the pool.

We had a few challenges that slowed us up a bit this year, but got through both days (Northbound and Southbound) okay. As you know, weather was perfect which made the ride that much better. We met some nice people along the way.

Moving time - 11:25 hours
Elapsed Time - 13:44 hours.

Doug P.

I accidentally blew past the border and did an extra ~15 miles in Massachusetts!

What a blast!

Doug C.

Thanks for organizing this epic ride. I had heard about it for years but experiencing it was beyond what I could anticipate.

I registered to support my friend Rob Davies and help him complete the ride. I planned to ride the first and last 50 with him. I did that, but confusion about the route at a critical time - we crossed route 9 and did some big hills before coming to a lake and dirt road that convinced us we had to go back to 9 - and separation from our support vehicle for 4 hours resulted in a terrible ending for me and my wife who was driving the support van.

Thank God we found each other about 9:30 p.m. with the support of a wonderful carful of people who found me as I limped into Readsboro on my bike about 9:15 p.m. I had missed the Wilmington turn and did what I think were the twin valleys. It was difficult.

Steve B: 211 mi., 13:44, 49.8 mph max. 2 minutes faster than last year!

More feedback and photos on the 200-on-100 facebook page!

2022 stats

  • Starters: At least 25
  • Finishers: Almost all
  • Elevation gain: ~12k ft' / 3,660 m (elevation gain varies, depending on whose GPS you're reading)
  • Highest point: 2408' / 734 m
  • Total distance: 213 mi / 343 km

The ride comes early in the year, arriving before many cyclists are in condition for a hilly double-century. Start training now and plan to join us next year. You'll be rewarded by being in amazing shape for the rest of the season!

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2021 Links

So good to reach the top of Mt. Snow!


Dawn breaks on a perfect morning in North Troy

Prep-pump-prepare at the old border station

The annual lineup at the border (not everyone made it into the pic)

Rolling down VT-243--the last we'll see of some riders today!

Beautiful sunrise

Smiles at the start

Long morning shadows on Route 100

Rolling into Stockbridge under a perfect sky

It's always good to pass this barn in Weston and see that it has changed so little over the past 40 years.


Riders As They Reach the Top of the Mt Snow Climb

Elevation graph

GPS elevation graph, courtesy of Chet Huang

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