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Route 100 runs north-south through the center of Vermont, largely between the ridgelines of the Green Mountains, as established by glaciers long ago. The ride features a total of about 12,300' of climbing, with the biggest climbs in the second 100 miles. The route includes a little of everything, from long, relatively flat sections, through rolling hills, long, easy, but wearing climbs that follow streams, and a few solid Vermont ascents. The toughest climbs are the aptly named Terrible Mountain climb out of Ludlow, (1,200' in 5 miles with one quite steep section and a few breaks), and Wardsboro/Mt. Snow(1,900' in 12 miles of mostly continual ascent). Every significant climb is followed by a fast descent, with speeds up to 50 mph possible. The wind can come from anywhere, but it's generally out of the west.

Most of the ride is rural, with lots of forests and farms. There are a number of exceptional views and a steady unfolding panorama of Vermont beauty. Traffic on most of the route is typically light, with good shoulders on most of the roads where heavier traffic is expected, such as US-4. Pavement condition ranges from new to “when are they going to repave this?” with most being what Vermont riders would call “pretty good.” 2022-Recent projects should provide smooth riding this year! Shoulders are generally 1'-3', disappearing altogether in places.

There are a few places where judicious short cuts and long cuts have been introduced to avoid higher traffic areas or to improve the ride while avoiding a few hills. These are noted on the route map.

WARNING: One spot that has caused troubles for a few riders is the left turn in downtown Wilmington. If you miss the signs, you could end up doing some extra climbs before the road ends at the Harriman Reservour -- not fun!

VT-30 Bailout Option NOT AVAILABLE IN 2023!

This year a major repaving project will rip out the last 10 miles of VT-30 before Brattleboro. This construction will render the road in a condition where you would want at least a gnarly gravel bike to get through it, leaving the Mt Snow climb the only option this year!

If your legs have become rubber by the time you reach the bottom of the Wardsboro/Mt Snow climb, there is no shame in skipping the turn south on VT-100 and staying on VT-30 to Brattleboro. You can then catch VT-142 and follow the river to the border in Vernon.



100/200 Map

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  Last edited June 19, 2023